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Budget and Plan


Mountain View Jr. High Trust Lands School Plan 2024-25


GOAL # 1

  1. State the specific goal in a sentence or two including when the school will reach the goal.

    Increase student achievement and close achievement gaps by ensuring access to high-quality, guaranteed, and viable curriculum and instruction that is aligned to standards, delivered effectively by all teachers, and continuously monitored for improvement. Increase the percentage of students who obtain proficiency on Rise/ Aspire testing results by 1% and reduce the number of students with failing grades by 5% school-wide during the 2024-2025 school year.

  2. Highlight the academic area for this goal from the list. You may select more than one area for this goal.  

    Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Health, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Writing
  1. Identify the specific measurement(s) you will use to determine if you are making progress toward the goal. Include the baseline and completed measurement. 


  • Increase the percentage of students scoring proficient or higher on multiple assessments (e.g., Rise/Aspire, but also including classroom-based assessments, portfolios, etc.).
  • Reduce the number of students with failing grades across all subjects and grade levels.
  • Track participation and engagement in professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • Conduct surveys and focus groups to assess the school's collaborative culture, safety, and overall climate.


  • This goal should be implemented over the 2024-25 school year, with ongoing monitoring and adjustments made as needed.

  1. List the specific steps of the ACTION PLAN to reach this goal. Be sure to include a description of how each expenditure is part of the action plan. (It is helpful here to list the intended amount in the narrative)
  • One full-time Student Advocate to support students academically, socially, and emotionally and help them create a plan for success.   ($40,000)
  • Provide students with extra support, mentoring, and tutoring by teachers before and after school ($4,000).
  • Three Buyouts for teachers to reduce class sizes and provide extra support ($36,000)
  • ALEK’s licenses will be purchased ($6,000) to help fill in the learning gaps of students who need additional math support as well as supplement daily instruction. Data will be kept on ALEKs to see improvement in math benchmark and RISE scores.
  • One-to-one technology supply and replacement for the continual support and replacement/repair of Chromebooks ($3,000).
  • We will use Land Trust money to pay for substitutes for every department to have 4 days (1 day each quarter) to collaborate, revisit essential standards, and success criteria, and create common formative assessments as a department without distractions or interruptions ($7,000). 
  • We will also pay for teachers to attend High-Reliability conferences, content-specific conferences, workshops, and training.  ($7,000).

Does this goal include a behavioral/character education/leadership component?

Planned expenditures (for all expenditures that are not included in part e) 

You may select more than one category for each goal.

For this template, highlight a category (or categories) from the list below.  Then type the amount you plan to spend in that category with a ‘short explanation’’ describing the expenditure and how it is part of the ACTION PLAN. 

AN EXAMPLE of a ‘short explanation’ in Salaries and Employee Benefits: One aide assisting with math instruction

  • Expenditure Categories:
    • Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)
    • Professional and Technical Services (300)
    • Repairs and Maintenance (400)
    • Other Purchased Services (Admission and Printing) (500)
    • Travel (580)
    • General Supplies (610)
    • Library Books (644)
    • Periodicals, AV Materials (650-660)
    • Software (670)
    • Equipment (Computer Hardware, Instruments, Furniture) (730) 


24-25' TrustLands Budget Proposal                  
REQUEST AMOUNT TOTAL Goal Carry Over 2022-23   Spending to Date      
ALEKs math licenses (not covered by district)   $6,000 1            
PLC Subs, Conferences, Travel   $14,000 1            
Full-time Student Advocate   $40,000 1            
After School Tutoring/Mentoring   $4,000 1            
1:1 Technology Supplies and Replacement   $3,000 1            
Two Buyouts for Math teachers to reduce class sizes and extra support 3X$12000 $36,000 1            
      New Allocation Estimated Carry Over Total Amount     Max Carry Over  
    $103,000 $103,686 $0 $103,686 $0.00   $9,300  
            We need to spend: