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  Minutes February 2024

Mountain View Jr. High 

Community Coucil 

February 21, 2024

Start time 3:30 PM End Time 4:36PM 

Present: Matt Patterson, Mikkell Willard, Matthew Brown, Kathie Averett, Angela Yerka 

Excused: Mike Martini, Matthew Norton 

Conducted by Matt Patterson : 

Mr. Patterson disclosed that we will be start with a base amount and then as the school grows with students the amount will go up. 

Mr. Patterson informed all that Mountain View is 95% staffed. It was also mention that movement to the school should happen in the first part of June. Mr. Patterson let the members know that he will be working with the leadership team on a mission statement and core values for the school. He let them know the plans of being a High Reliablity School (HRS)  and that the idea is to provide safety and support with collaboration as a community and school. 

The budget and plan was presented to the members as well as shared via slide. See Here A vote was sent via google form. 

The members that were present chose to defer nomitations for President and Vice President due to not having all members at the meeting. it was agreed that the poll should be sent out via google form.